Las Hazuelas - Granja escuela en Grazalema


Queso Payoyo, S.L., was established in 1995 as Artisanal Cheese Villaluenga by its two partners Andrés Peña and Carlos Rios. Its brand Payoyo, registered and patented in 1996 in the Central Registry of Patents and Trademarks and began his real career in September 1997 with the first cheese making.<//span>


From the beginning we made our cheese with the milk producing farmers in the area, ie, Goat Milk and Sheep Payoyo Grazalemeña Merina, serving to encourage the dairy to the maintenance of both races

Our aim has always been to recover the traditional cheese of our region, Cadiz type cheese is cheese, and cured semi Cabra and Grazalema type cheese, which is the mixture of sheep and goats and sheep, both cheeses are recognized in the catalog of traditional cheeses from Spain and the European Economic Community.


Our facilities are located in Villaluenga del Rosario, northeast of the province of Cadiz, in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. It is the highest village in the province to 874 meters.
Its terrain is characterized by Jurassic limestone mountains, with heights up to 1,497 meters. The Mediterranean climate produces the effect called "atrapanubes", resulting in heavy snow, and reaching an average annual rainfall of 2,000 l/m2., sheltering magnificent valleys, vast meadows, undergrowth of evergreen oaks, cork and oak, causing all of these components a unique and unrepeatable pasture where the cattle feeding area and we get our magnificent raw material: MILK.

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